The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that conducts research and educates the public and media about solutions to environmental challenges that create economic opportunities for the American people.

The BlueGreen Alliance Foundation works with the BlueGreen Alliance—a national partnership that unites America’s largest labor unions and its most influential environmental organizations to identify ways today’s environmental challenges can create and maintain quality jobs and build a stronger, fairer economy— to achieve its mission.

For more information about the BlueGreen Alliance, visit www.bluegreenalliance.org.

BlueGreen Alliance Foundation Board of Directors:

Jon Barton
Marc Boom
Sara Chieffo
Michael Di Virgilio
Anna Fendley
Derrick Figures
Jim Harrison
Wendell Hibdon
Lisa Hoyos
Jim Lyon
Alden Meyer
Derek Walker