Clean Energy Transition Policy Inventory for Pennsylvania

This is an inventory of current federal and state policies and programs that support business and communities as they develop their clean energy resources. This report includes policies from Pennsylvania.

PA InventoryThis tool was developed to provide local economic developers, policy makers, and community organizers with accessible information on both state and federal policies and programs that can support their businesses and communities as renewable energy sources continue to expand as part of each focus state’s energy portfolio. This report contains detailed information on each state or federal incentive, including the name of the federal or state incentive, a brief summary, a detailed description, the information source and link to a website, the type of funding, detailed information on who is eligible for the program, the government agency that operates the incentive, and contact information.

To make this information easier to access for economic developers and business owners, we have included a “where to start” page. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start your first business or an existing business looking to develop your workforce or make your facilities more efficient, simply locate the section that applies to you and you will be directed to the policies and programs that will be most helpful in your endeavor. In the online tool, you can navigate the tool by clicking on a policy or program and the link will take you to the information about the incentive. Whenever possible, the policies were prioritized within each category, with the most generous and/or commonly used incentives listed first.

The “where to start” page also contains links to additional state and federal resources that provide low- or no-cost business consultation services, research and technology databases, and much more. Note that most or all of this inventory content was obtained from the sources cited and more information may be found by accessing the documented source directly. Please note that the inclusion of policies and programs in this inventory does not signify that the authors endorse the policy or program; rather the policies listed here all contain some useful incentives that will help these states make a transition to cleaner energy generation.

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