Buy Local, Buy Healthy, and Save!

How buying efficient, healthier, and U.S.-made products are not only cost-competitive but can actually save you money!

Cost is key when it comes to how building owners, managers, builders, and homeowners decide what products to purchase and can take precedence over other important qualities like a product’s health impacts and efficiency, especially when the budget is tight. Building Clean’s work with affordable housing builders over the past few years to help them source building products that are more efficient, healthier, and U.S.-made has shown that this compromise isn’t always necessary and that these products can be cost-competitive, if not cheaper than their counterparts.

The Buy Local, Buy Healthy, and Save! brochure highlights just some examples of Building Clean’s work helping affordable housing builders across the country select and purchase efficient, healthier, and U.S.-made products that save them money! It helps make the case for builders who want or need to use products with these qualities but are also concerned with the cost.

Our Appliance Cost and Country of Assembly Survey of ENERGY STAR refrigerators, clothes dryers, and clothes washers found that the United States made or assembled appliances are cost-competitive with foreign assembled appliances and that often the least expensive energy-efficient appliances are assembled or made in the United States.  Following our findings, at the end of the document, are some resources on how to find U.S.-made appliances to support American manufacturing.