Clean Energy Transition Policy Inventory for IN, KT, OH, TN, VA & WV

This is an inventory of current federal and state policies and programs that support business and communities as they develop their clean energy resources. This report includes policies from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Policy invThis tool was developed to provide local economic developers, policy makers, and community organizers with accessible information on both state and federal policies and programs that can support their businesses and communities as renewable energy sources continue to expand as part of each focus state’s energy portfolio. This report contains detailed information on each state or federal incentive, including the name of the federal or state incentive, a brief summary, the type of funding, the government agency that operates the incentive, the website for the program/policy, and the information source. The full online tool also includes a detailed description of the policy or program, detailed information on who is eligible for the program, and contact information.

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