Green Manufacturing in Dayton: A Policy Roadmap towards Green Job Growth

"Green Manufacturing in Dayton" is a roadmap of policies that could jump-start green jobs in the local Dayton, Ohio economy. Similar projects were done in Minneapolis and Cincinnati.

DaytonThe Blue Green Alliance has begun initiating projects at the local level in Minneapolis, Cincinnati and now Dayton in an attempt to jump-start this process for local economies.  This report is focused on finding the strategies that Dayton area government, non-profit, and other community organizations can employ to support Green Collar Jobs that are family-supporting and career-track.  According to the Economic Modeling Specialist data, available through the Ohio Skills Bank, manufacturing jobs in the U.S. are projected to increase approximately 3% by 2020, while in Ohio, manufacturing occupations are projected to lose 6 percent, and the Dayton Region is projected to lose 14 percent.  The objective of this report is to provide tools and resources through case-study examples, policy proposals, and guidance for reversing that projection and retaining and attracting green manufacturing to the Dayton area.

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