Latest Project from A Tiny Home for Good Applauded by Building Clean

A Tiny Home for Good today held a ribbon cutting ceremony in Syracuse after the completion of its latest project, four homes at 216 Slocum Avenue in Southeast Syracuse.

The IUE-CWA Housing Corp. funded the build and also supported Building Clean as a product selection consultant. Building Clean works to find healthier, locally sourced, and more energy-efficient products at an affordable price so that the benefits of sustainable building practices are shared by everyone, regardless of the income.“We congratulate A Tiny Home for Good on completing its latest project in its quest to end homelessness,” said Building Clean National Program Manager Dana Parker. “At this afternoon’s ribbon cutting ceremony, the new renters will not only find a home, but one that is healthier, more energy efficient, and built with locally or U.S.-made products as much as possible.

Building Clean is an online database that allows residents, architects, workers, non-profits, and others to find local, healthy energy-efficient building products for their projects.

“Building Clean helps to put resident well being on an equal footing with lower utility bills,” said Parker. “We also help grow the regional economy and manufacturing sector by sourcing products as close as possible to the construction site. Building a stronger local economy means A Tiny Home for Good not only helps reduce homelessness but does it while supporting Syracuse’s tax base and employment.”

“They may be tiny homes but they have a huge impact throughout the Syracuse community and we’re proud to help them accomplish their great work,” added Parker.