Gauging Growth – The Freight Rail Supply Chain and Job-Creation Potential

"Gauging Growth" shows expanding freight rail presents a significant opportunity to support and create quality U.S. jobs while improving the efficiency of freight movement and ensuring the nation remains competitive in the 21st century global economy.

GaugingGrowthAmerica is slowly but steadily recovering from a pronounced recession, which resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs across all sectors of the economy. While the country has sustained successive quarters of job growth, moving to a clean energy economy that is more energy efficient, produces more renewable energy and generates less pollution represents a significant opportunity to create more jobs and sustainable economic growth.

The rail industry has nearly doubled the amount of goods it has shipped without increasing
fuel consumption over the past three decades, and creates a fraction of the pollution of other transport modes such as trucking and aviation. Its continued growth will generate green jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oil and contribute to solving climate change. As the U.S. economy gets back on track, freight movement will expand, requiring corresponding infrastructure investment. By growing capacity, the freight rail industry can seize significant opportunities to meet projected demand for shipping cargo, save energy, reduce pollution and create tens of thousands of new jobs throughout the economy.

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