Visualizing the Clean Economy: The Transit and Rail Sector

Our dynamic data and interactive maps capture real world technology manufacturing and jobs in the transportation and energy sectors today as these industries move to cleaner and more efficient technology. Our Visualizing the Clean Economy research and data also powers our programs, reports, media, and custom analysis.

Passenger rail and transit rail systems provide a critical foundation for a competitive economy and generate jobs and economic growth. Multiple studies have documented the benefits of passenger rail and transit rail to the public, local and national economies, and the environment. A study by the BlueGreen Alliance and the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) entitled Passenger Rail & Transit Rail Manufacturing in the U.S. found that federal investment in transportation infrastructure also provides another core benefit: the opportunity to strengthen the passenger rail and transit rail manufacturing sector and the jobs it supports across America.

The report found more than 750 companies in at least 39 states manufacture components for passenger rail and transit rail today.

While our data and maps cannnot include every company in the industry, they aim to enable users to explore real world advanced vehicle manufacturing and jobs, whether by state, congressional district, product type, or technology. Our dataset is growing and continuously updated, and we welcome information and input. We are also able to conduct custom research.

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