Our dynamic data and interactive maps capture real world technology manufacturing and jobs in the transportation and energy sectors today as these industries move to cleaner and more efficient technology. Our Visualizing the Clean Economy research and data also powers our programs, reports, media, and custom analysis.

The automotive sector—manufacturing motor vehicles and the parts and materials that go into them—is at the heart of American manufacturing. Thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of Americans across the nation are working to build today’s innovative vehicles and related technology.

Whether for cars, SUV’s, pickups, buses, or semi trucks, innovation and investment across the supply chain is helping rebuild jobs and manufacturing nationwide, while at the same time achieving major increases in efficiency, cutting pollution, saving consumers money and enhancing our energy security.

Our automotive “Full Dataset” provides a real-time snapshot of the wide range of vehicle technology being engineered and manufactured in America today as the industry as a whole moves to become cleaner and more fuel efficient. Our interactive map also includes the option to view data solely from the report—Supplying Ingenuity II: U.S. Suppliers of Key Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies—a more targeted dataset that includes only those facilities (and the approximate employment associated with) technologies directly connected to improving fuel efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

While our data and maps cannnot include every company in the industry, they aim to enable users to explore real world advanced vehicle manufacturing and jobs, whether by state, congressional district, product type, or technology. Our dataset is growing and continuously updated, and we welcome information and input. We are also able to conduct custom research. Contact us here with questions or inquiries.

See also: The 2017 report Supplying Ingenuity II: U.S. Suppliers of Key Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies. The report finds more than 1,200 U. S factories and engineering facilities in 48 states—and 288,000 American workers—are building technology that improves fuel- economy in today’s innovative vehicles. You can explore the data behind that report in our interactive map.