Keep Cool and Call Your HVAC Technician

Tomorrow, June 22, is HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ) technician appreciation day, but you should appreciate your HVAC tech every day. HVAC technicians have important jobs that affect the efficiency, finances, and health of homes across the country.

An HVAC system moves air between indoor and outdoor spaces and heats and cools buildings. It also filters your air. Because it plays such an important role – and is typically the largest element of energy use in the home – many homeowners shop for high efficiency systems that will lower utility bills as well as advanced features that will make their home more comfortable.

Choosing the right system is important, but choosing the right HVAC technician is also critical. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that improper installation “can reduce efficiency up to 20 percent and cause comfort problems.”

According to Energy Star, more than half of newly installed HVAC systems do not perform to their manufacturer efficiency specifications as a result of installation issues. A poorly installed system can:

  • Cause excess energy consumption and higher utility bills;
  • Make it difficult to regulate temperatures evenly throughout the home;
  • Introduce pollutants into the indoor air;
  • Shorten the lifetime of the HVAC unit; and
  • Increase maintenance costs.

The features and efficiency that you shopped for when looking for an HVAC system are in the hands of your HVAC technician, so choose wisely!

If you are looking for a certified HVAC technician check out these resources:

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