Buy Local Buy Healthy

Building Clean 2019 was a summit that looked at the power of procurement in the built environment to bring better health, jobs, and equity to communities.

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Below are the main stage panels and workshops with the name of a speaker if s/he also gave Building Clean a presentation to link to:

An Engaged Public: Setting the Stage on Public Opinion

  • Jonathan Voss, Vice President, Lake Research Partners (Presentation)

Opening Panel: Why Buying Local and Buying Healthy Is Crucial

  • Erica Swinney Staley, Executive Director, Manufacturing Renaissance (Presentation)
  • Gabriel Wilcox, Associate Principal, Farr Associates (Presentation)

Build It Clean and They Will Come: Pathways to Follow on Your Quest for Your Project to Contribute to a More Sustainable Community.

  • Laurel Kruke, Program Manager, Illinois Green Alliance (Presentation)
  • Rebecca Meuninck, Deputy Director, Ecology Center (Presentation)

A Clean Build of Health: Finding Safer Products Without a Degree in Toxicology.

  • Tristan Roberts, Technical and Education Director, HPD Collaborative (Presentation)
  • Jennifer Smith, Sustainability Development Leader, Milliken (Presentation)
  • William Paddock, Founder & Managing Director, WAP Sustainability Consulting (Presentation)

A Toolbox for Actionable Procurement Policies: Where You can Turn for Help in Meeting Local and Healthier Goals.

Utilities Power Buy Local Buy Healthy Initiatives: How and Why Utilities are Marrying Energy Efficiency with Local and Healthy Principles.

  • Christine Gerbode, Public Health Analyst, Health and Environment, ACEEE (Presentation)
  • Amy Glapinski, Commercial and Industrial Specialty & Multifamily Senior Program Manager, Consumer’s Energy (Presentation)

Building Up Underserved Communities: How to Ensure that the Clean Energy Economy Brings its Benefits to Low-Income Communities.

It’s Not So Academic: Understanding the Learning Curve in Making New Procurement Commitments.